25 July 2015 0 Comments

A new page in painting

The faces robustly outlined by Arrigo, with powerful volumetry and tormented colour, succeed in expressing the beauty of that humanity that western man considers “different” and at the same time the risk to which that humanity is condemned, the looming or imminence of profound scars that the calamities of the world engrave on it like marks of fire. The persecutions, the devastations, the degradation to which these faces can be exposed or violently submitted are answered with the joy of a provocation by the coloured plasticity of those semblances, the extraordinary light of the eyes, the smile of the strong teeth or the descent of the woven head of hair, the broad space of the faces, between the well-drawn cheekbones and the noses protruding with delicate energy .These beautiful paintings by Arrigo, with the almost neo-divisionist variations (but in an expressionist key) in the spreading of colours, with the confidence of the signs that can express pain but also happiness, sweetness, at all events fascination, with their frontal or rounded arrangements of planes with a sort of flavour of archaic sculpture, constitute a new page in painting, and not only Sicilian, and attest to sincere and empathic emotion of love towards the most unfortunate creatures in a world that surrounds us on all sides, though we remain blind in seeing it.

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