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from Skira catalogue 54° Venice Biennale “Art is not Cosa Nostra” –  Italian Pavilion 2011 by Vittorio Sgarbi
(pag. 24-26)

“…Why should we hide from peple the fact that the so called “contemporary” art, this brand image invented from scratch by international financial market, no longer has anythings in common either with what we have referred to as “art” up to now, or whit artists who are real and alive but who aren’t on the stock market? ..”
(M. Fumaroli: “Se i musei dimenticano l’arte per inseguire il mercato” in La Repubblica 28 october 2010)

“..Wouldn’t I listen to Bernardo Bertolucci, Ermanno Olmi, Giuseppe Tornatore, Guido Cernetti, Hanif Kureishi, Edoardo Nesi, if they suggested I should see a movie or a play? So why should their opinion be less importanti if it is a painter they’re suggesting instead? Are they the ones who are incompetent, who have less experience, or are the painters the ones to have accepted being fenced off inside a ghetto or in some inaccessible reservation? To free them with an unexpected recognition is neither a whim nor a sharp move, nor is it an example of the bad habit or nepotistic reccomendations; rather, it provides us with the opinions on art of those who do not normally spend time in sanitariums and hospitals. Artists too must blend in with the rest of the world, allow themselves to be swept along by life, have their works hung on the walls of homes and not just on the sterile ones of contemporary art museums, which so greatly resemble infirmaries. This is the spirit that has allowed us to bring toghether this “Democratic Biennale”, one that does not belong to the critics and the curators, but to the artists, who have been given a chance to look out over the most well-attended and most widely acclaimed stage in the world of contemporary art, without anyone putting them down, without licenses dished out by anemic pseudo-incompetents who cut out for themselves the sad uniform of “those authorized” (a horrifying formula). In Venice, with the manifest vote of admirable and admired people, these artists have obteined a certificate of existence. Over and beyond any mafia.”
Vittorio Sgarbi

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