Main public collection

The Hague (The Netherlands), I.C.C. International Criminal Court (I.C.T.Y)
Freeetown  (Sierra  Leon)  S.C.S.L. Special Court for Sierra Leon (N.U.) TRC Peace Museum
U.S.A. Chicago (Illinois), City Hall, Dayton Peace Museum 
Palermo, Museum of modern and contemprary art of Palazzo Comitini
Bagheria (Palermo), Guttuso Museum
Gibellina (Sicily) Orestiadi Foundation
Palermo, General Consulate of Morocco
Palermo, Palace of Justice (B. Bruno, main hall), Rende (Cosenza) Bilotti Ruggi Museum 

Main group exhibitions


Nutshuis, The Hague (The Netherlands), Red Cross summer exhibition, (Christie’s)

Artefact Gallery London (Christie’s)


54° Venice Biennial – Venice Arsenal – Italian Pavillon – curated by Vittorio Sgarbi – selected by Giuseppe Tornatore 


Bioethics art UNESCO, United Nation Palace N.Y.C.
Cosenza (CS) Museo dei Brettii and Enotri Museum curated by Roberto Bilotti and Vittorio Sgarbi
Fondazione Orestiadi di Gibellina (TP) Artisti a Gibellina – MIBAC AMACI

Main “solo” exhibitions 


“Oil and blood rain” Palermo, Italy Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco 


U.S.A. “Rain” curated by Maurizio Calvesi ed Augusta Monferini 

Dayton International P. Museum

Wright state University (Dayton – Ohio)

Missing Peace art Space (Dayton – Ohio)


“Nameless” curated by Marisa Vescovo

Rome, Montecitorio,  Monumental Complex of Vicolo Valdina, Hall of Deputies  
Palermo, Sant’Elia Palace Foundation and contemporary art museum 



Bagheria (Palermo) Villa Casaurro curated by Lorenzo Canova


“Impop” curated by Lorenzo Canova

Rome, Contemporary Art Museum (Villa Torlonia) curated by Lorenzo Canova 

“Drops” curated by Lorenzo Canova

Castelbuono (Palermo) Civic Museum  


“Far From Myth”

selected artworks 2012 – 2017 – catalogue texts by Lorenzo Canova and Oscar Prize Giuseppe Tornatore Ed. Plumelia 2017-

Mediolanum Bank – Notarbartolo Palace – Palermo

Arrigo Musti collaborated with:

“l’Arte” Rome Cinzia Chiari art Gallery, “Artworks Gallery” London, “Missing Space art gallery” Dayton (Ohio-USA), Mecenars (Palermo), Mercurio art center (Palermo), Orlando Arte Tv

L. Gagosian private collection in New York includes an Arrigo artwork of the portraits serie (L. Gagosian portrait)

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